Smart Guitars

Travel-size MIDI guitars revolutionizing the way you learn to play, write songs, and produce music.

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Modern MIDI Guitars

The Jamstik guitars connect via Bluetooth/USB to your phone, tablet or computer so you can play guitar with our apps, along with hundreds of compatible MIDI apps and DAWs. They are built to the specifications of a real guitar; so learning and creating are transferable skills.

You'll Be Playing Guitar In Minutes

Sensors in the Jamstik detect the placement of your fingers and display them in the companion app, giving you instant feedback. Don’t know how to read music or hold a pick? No problem. No music experience is needed to be successful with the Jamstik—It doesn’t even need to be tuned.

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The Ultimate Guitar Production Tool

The Jamstiks are MIDI controllers, which means they can sound like almost any instrument you can think of. They work right out of the box with software and apps including GarageBand, Logic Pro X, and Ableton Live making music production more accessible than ever. 

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Wireless & Portable

Portable by design, you can practice lessons or record songs anywhere you go with the Jamstik. The Bluetooth MIDI connection to your device is fast, stable and best of all, wireless. Being untethered gives you freedom to practice and play anytime, anywhere.

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