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The original Jamstik is named one of Pop Science's best inventions of the year and finds crowdfunding success on Indiegogo. The puc MIDI interface is launched soon after, and both products debuted in over 200 retail locations.


Zivix utilizes new Bluetooth Technology to update the product line and raises over $800,000 for the Jamstik+ via Kickstarter. Through our commitment to giving back, we donated over 150 Jamstik's to EDU and Music Therapy causes. 


Zivix expands sales channels and finds success as one of the first featured partners on the Amazon Launchpad Platform. Also this year, AirJamz is launched and is well received by the Music Therapy communities, US Air Guitarists, and air guitar enthusiasts around the world. 


To date, Zivix has shipped over 30,000 Jamstik's to over 70 countries from jamstik.com, and now has 55 authorized resale locations worldwide.


Zivix launches the third generation Jamstik Smart Guitars, the Jamstik 7 and what was planned to be the Jamstik 12 (which evolved into the Jamstik Studio MIDI guitar) on Indiegogo, raising over $650,000+ and pre-selling over 1700 units.


The Jamstik team at Zivix proudly introduced the new Jamstik Studio MIDI guitar at the annual NAMM Trade Show in Anaheim, California. A limited pre-order was announced at the show and began shipping to Indiegogo backers and early pre-orders in the Spring of 2020.


Jamstik’s MIDI technology is widely acclaimed by customers and media reviewers alike. In 2022, the Studio MIDI guitar was nominated for a “Gamechanger” award in the Guitar.com Awards and MusicTech Awards. Other highlights include Jamstik expanding its sound pack offerings for Jamstik Creator, including a collaboration with the legendary team at Samples From Mars to release a series of sound packs modified exclusively for Jamstik Creator.


The Jamstik team expands its MIDI Guitar Series with the Jamstik Classic MIDI guitar, a 22-fret electric guitar with full MIDI capabilities powered by Jamstik signal processing technology and proprietary algorithms. The all-new classic headstock design combines advanced technology with top-quality materials to create a game-changing instrument for guitar enthusiasts and professionals. The team also released a new mobile companion app for its MIDI guitars called Jamstik Control for iOS and Android. Users can connect via Bluetooth or USB to adjust settings on the fly, tune their MIDI guitar, play a variety of sounds in-app, and select from a large variety of scale and chord overlays to sharpen their skills and fretboard knowledge. 

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