Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Jamstik?

A portable, digital guitar controller built to the specs of a real guitar. It's an app-enhanced product that uses special technology to sense finger placement and teach you right from wrong, instantly.

I've never played guitar, how exactly will it teach me?

The Jamstik comes with apps that will teach you how to play. Even if you've never played before, you can get started with the Jamstik. It's just a matter of matching in-app cues and following along with the interactive lessons.

I'm already a guitar player, what's in it for me?

The jamstik+ makes it easy to record or play guitar with any sound right into your favorite music apps or DAWs on iPad, iPhone, and Mac. The portable size means you can take it anywhere. We have plenty of customers that travel with it, use it to record songs, and even some that play it on stage. Learn more about how the jamstik is used for advanced players here.

How is the Jamstik different from other MIDI controllers?

The technology inside the jamstik makes the device 100% digital, it does not need tuning, it has very low latency and it’s form factor allows the Jamstik to go anywhere. The Jamstik does not make any sounds on its own, but rather utilizes the unlimited potential of your device and the app you are running. It sends out digital codes that tell another device, such as an iPad, what notes to play. This code follows the MIDI standard.

How does the cost of a Jamstik compare to buying a traditional guitar and taking lessons?

Guitar instructors and classes vary, but you can expect an average guitar lesson to cost between $25-$45 per class. In our JamTutor Cirriculum, we cover what could be considered your first 10 guitar lessons. (Not to mention, the hours of self-directed practice within the Jamstik chord library and FourChords Guitar Karaoke app).

When you purchase a Jamstik, you're investing in a complete, interactive guitar learning system. We definitely appreciate real guitars, and we encourage our first-time learners to progress to a full-sized guitar eventually. However, the Jamstik has some unique advantages over traditional lessons. It's a great tool for practicing privately with headphones on your own schedule, it's portable enough to bring around in a backpack, and because the Jamstik is a full digital MIDI controller, it's also a fun way to experiment playing different sounds and recording music with compatible apps like GarageBand. 

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