Frequently Asked Questions

I've never played guitar, how exactly will it teach me?

Unlike any other smart guitar on the market, the Jamstiks have sensors in the fretboard which allow you to see the placement of your fingers on the screen of your device in realtime using our compatible apps.

Even if you've never played before, you can get started with the Jamstik and our free interactive teaching software. Getting started is just a matter of matching in-app cues and following along with the interactive lessons.

I'm already a guitar player, how does it work as a MIDI Controller?

Use your guitar skills to record and produce, the Jamstiks make it easy to record or play guitar with any sound right into your favorite music apps or DAW. MIDI isn't just for keyboard players. 

How does the cost of a Jamstik compare to buying a traditional guitar and taking lessons?

Guitar instructors and classes vary, but you can expect an average guitar lesson to cost between $25-$45 per class. In our JamTutor Cirriculum, we cover what could be considered your first 10 guitar lessons. (Not to mention, the hours of self-directed practice within the Jamstik chord library).

When you purchase a Jamstik, you're investing in a complete, interactive guitar learning system. We definitely appreciate real guitars, and we encourage our first-time learners to progress to a full-sized guitar eventually. However, the Jamstik has some unique advantages over traditional lessons. It's a great tool for practicing privately with headphones on your own schedule, it's portable enough to bring around in a backpack, and because the Jamstik is a full digital MIDI controller, it's also a fun way to experiment playing different sounds and recording music with compatible apps like GarageBand. 

Will you support Android?

While select Android Devices running Android 6.0.1+ are able to connect, the audio processing capabilities across devices are not quite up to par with our standards, so we cannot officially announce widespread support for the platform at this time. The variability of devices & lack of software support may prevent a full experience. However, we are certainly monitoring the situation closely. 

In the meantime, you can play in your web browser on Google Chrome at, and since the Jamstiks are class-compliant MIDI controllers, any platform that provides protocols and infrastructure for our devices will be supported. 

Do the Jamstiks have onboard sounds?

No, just like a lot of MIDI keyboards, you'll have to connect your Jamstik to a device (smartphone, tablet, laptop/desktop computer) running either our apps or third-party software to generate the sound. We recommend using headphones or speakers for the best playing and sound experience!

Can I use headphones with the Jamstik?

Yes, you can use headphones—one of the main reasons to use the Jamstik is because you can have a private playing experience! That said, you cannot plug headphones directly into the Jamstik. Instead, just plug them into the device your Jamstik is connected to.

Note: You'll want to use a wired connection (aux cord) instead of Bluetooth headphones. 

What happens if a string breaks on the Jamstik?

We sourced high-quality custom guitar strings for the Jamstik+ and Jamstik 7. The mechanical design is very durable, and the strings do not flex as much as a normal guitar, so a string should not break under normal conditions. However, guitar strings do wear down and oxidize over extended periods of use. If one does break, it can be easily replaced for no charge within our 180-day warranty. The strings are custom made for Jamstik products and readily available for replacement on our website. 

For the Studio MIDI Guitar:
Any metal strings will work just fine! 


Jamstik+ Strings

Jamstik 7 Strings

Do you have a bass version of the Jamstik? How about a Jamstik Ukulele?

We don't have a specific model for bass or ukulele, but since the Jamstiks are entirely digital, you can make it sound like any instrument you want—and we do have bass & uke tuning settings and sound fonts available in our apps and software experiences.

We're definitely considering both a Jamstik bass and Jamstik Ukulele as future projects, so if you'd like to give us your input, please feel free to participate in our Future Projects Survey here.

I have other questions that aren't answered here.

Make sure to check out our Help Center for questions related to our products and for general sales and delivery questions. Our team is happy to answer any specific questions you have about our products as well, just send us an email to