WOODCHUCK Your jamstik+

by Meredith Cannon February 22, 2017

We're excited to share that Zivix is continuing our partnership with local Minneapolis company, Woodchuck USA, to sell engraved mahogany wood onlay kits for your jamstik+.

jamstik+ with mahogany wood onlay kitWe first teamed up with the Woodchuck team during our Kickstarter campaign for the jamstik+ in 2015. The kits were included as a complimentary accessory for our first 1250 backers as a thank you for their early support. 

jamstik+ woodchuck, custom engraved mahogany wood onlay kit

After countless requests for the Woodchuck accessory, we've finally added them to our jamstik+ accessory shop! The kits work with any jamstik+ and look great with a number of different colors—or even on your jamstik+ carrying case! 

Woodchuck USA and jamstik+ travel guitar carrying case

Buy A Wood Onlay Kit — Plant A Tree

Buy One Plant One- Jamstik+ and Woodchuck USAWoodchuck USA was founded with a simple mission, put nature back into peoples' lives. With every product sold, they plant a tree—the same principle applies with your order of the exclusive jamstik+ Woodchuck accessory. Buy an onlay kit, plant a tree. 

Application Instructions

Ready to customize your jamstik+? Get your own engraved wood onlay kit here

jamstik+, Nossa Toca   Blue jamstik+ Woodchuck wood onlay accessory   Woodchuck accessory, musician lifestyle, jamstik   Woodchuck jamstik+ accessory

Meredith Cannon
Meredith Cannon


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