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Learning independently is easier than ever using the Jamstik paired with our interactive teaching software for iOS and the Google Chrome web browser.

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No Guesswork

The Jamstik paired with our apps is the ONLY guitar curriculum that allows you to see your fingers on the screen of your device in real-time. You'll know if you're in the right position before you strum.

On demand guitar lessons

Play on your terms. Make progress through AI-generated lessons and regularly updated content in the Jamstik Portal. You can even play silently with a pair of headphones plugged into your device. 

Learn. Play. Create.

Jamstik In The Classroom

The Jamstik is a great option for both the classroom and remote learning experiences. Click below to learn more or express interest in using the Jamstik with your students.

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How exactly will I learn guitar with the Jamstik?

One of the most important things to have when learning any musical instrument is regular and accurate feedback. The Jamstik provides real-time feedback as you play, so you'll know if your fingers are placed correctly, removing any guesswork!

The main learning companion software is the Jamstik Portal for iOS and Google Chrome, which should provide essentially 15+ of your first guitar lessons, plus plenty of extra replayable content like the interactive scrolling tab player. Once you graduate and learn the basics in the Jamstik Portal, we recommend honing your skills with education apps like Corridor Music, or Soundtrap!

Lastly, we created these Jamstiks with authenticity in mind. They are built to the specs of a real guitar, so the skills you learn with it will directly translate to a full-size 6 string instrument.

As with any skill, learning guitar takes practice! However, we've done our best to make this process fun and engaging. Many users find that simply spending time with a Jamstik, exploring new sounds and capabilities has helped them become familiar and more comfortable with guitar in general. Building a device to bring more people into music has always been our number one goal, and we'll continue to evolve the software to match!

Does the Jamstik make sound on its own?

No, just like a lot of MIDI keyboards, you'll have to connect it to a device (smartphone, tablet, laptop/desktop computer) running our apps or third-party software to create the sound.

Can I use headphones to plug in?

Yes, you can use headphones—one of the main reasons to use the Jamstik is because you can have a private playing experience! That said, you cannot plug headphones directly into the Jamstik. Instead, just plug them into the device your Jamstik is connected to.

Note: You'll want to use a wired connection (aux cord) instead of Bluetooth headphones. 

Can I learn guitar with the full size Jamstik Studio MIDI Guitar?

Definitely! The biggest difference is that the Studio model does not have sensors in the fretboard, so you will see the note or chord on your device after it has been played, rather than seeing your finger positions in real-time on the fretboard.