Was the jamstik+ on Shark Tank?

by Jamstik Team July 28, 2017

Was the jamstik+ on Shark Tank?

At Zivix, we're often asked "Was the jamstik+ the guitar company I saw on "Shark Tank"? 

The answer is NO, we were never on Shark Tank. In fact, we have actually declined multiple opportunities to go on similar programs—not even for the primetime publicity! We're proud to say that Zivix is around today because of the hundreds of early-adopters that believed in the fusion of music and technology, and backed our products on Indiegogo and Kickstarter.

Was the jamstik+ on Shark Tank?

We did have fun watching both Chord Buddy and Voyage Air Guitar find success on the show, but unless we get a personal invite from one of the sharks (hit us up at hello@zivix.net), then you probably won't see us on there.

Want to Know More About Zivix? A Brief Company History

Founded in Minneapolis, Zivix is called a pioneer in the music technology space—pushing the limits of today's tech with the traditional instruments we know and love. We build products for professional musicians, people who want to become musicians, and people who just want to have fun with musical tools. Check out our company highlights below:

Zivix Products — AirJamz, puc+, jamstik+


Zivix was founded in 2006 in response to the millions of "wanna be" guitar heroes out there. Our mission was defined as making music more accessible for everyone while expanding the creative possibilities for musicians.


Honing the patented technology behind future products, Zivix spent time developing music software & games across a number of platforms, including the PC, Wii, XBOX, and Playstation.


Realizing the potential of the mobile market, Zivix shifts focus towards development on the iOS and Android platforms. Did you know Zivix has released more than 10 apps on the iOS App Store?

Check out some of our favorite mobile apps still available on the iTunes App Store!

Gem Quest

Gem Quest Mobile App - Zivix 

Hidden Egg Hunt

Hidden Egg Hunt Mobile App - Zivix

Slingin' Santa Christmas Toss

 Slingin' Santa Mobile App - Christmas App - Zivix

Present Hunt

 Present Hunt Mobile App - Christmas - Zivix


A year of jamstik success

The original jamstik finds crowdfunding success on IndieGogo, soon followed up by the puc MIDI interface. Both products ship to over 200 retail locations. 

The jamstik is named one of Popular Science's best inventions of the year, wins 'Best in Show' from the National Association for Musical Merchants (NAMM), and was named an honoree for the 2015 CES Innovation Awards under the "Tech for a Better World" category, and won 

Zivix Awards for jamstik


Zivix utilizes new Bluetooth technology to update the product line and raises over $800,000 via Kickstarter. Through our commitment to giving back, we donated over 150 jamstik's to Music Education and Music Therapy causes by choosing to give one jamstik for every 15 pledged for. Some of the organizations we donated to included Little Kids Rock, Romeo Music, MacPhail Center for Music, MyMusicRX, High School Nation, Notes for Notes and other amazing organizations.

Jamstik donations


Zivix expands sales channels & finds success as part of the Amazon Launchpad program. The jamstik+ becomes available for Android users.

jamstik+ Available for Android

Also in 2016, the AirJamz Bluetooth air guitar pick is launched at the US Air Guitar Championships in Austin, TX.



Zivix discontinues the red jamstik+ & introduces two limited edition jamstik+ models—Carbon Fiber and Cedar Woodgrain custom wraps!

Cedar Woodgrain, Carbon Fiber Jamstik

Zivix continues to plan future developments to both our hardware and software offerings. Are we working on developing new jamstik models? Is there more crowdfunding in our future. Stay tuned to find out what happens next! 

Learn more about Zivix, the Minneapolis-based team behind the jamstik+ SmartGuitar at Zivix.co

Oh, and by the way—Happy #SharkWeek to those celebrating!

Jamstik Team
Jamstik Team


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