Jamstik+ a Top 2016 Holiday Gift for Music Lovers

by Meredith Cannon December 09, 2016

jamstik+ Top 2016 Holiday Gift for Music Lovers, Guitarists

Whether you're giving the gift of music to a friend or loved one, or buying yourself a much deserved present, the jamstik+ makes the perfect holiday gift for learners or experienced musicians. You shouldn't have to take our word for it—check out this list of Holiday Gift Guides we've been included in this holiday season. 

Updated: December 19, 2016

Forbes: 11 Most Interactive Tech Holiday Gifts They'll Actually Use

Jamstik+ is a valuable tool for guitarists of any level. Resembling a shrunken guitar neck, the portable Bluetooth enabled digital guitar takes the intimidation and guesswork out of learning how to play. Beginners will benefit from the step-by-step lessons available through the Jamstik+ interactive guitar lesson app series, and experienced players will appreciate it as a compact practice tool. The real strings and frets offer an authentic experience, and because it also functions as a versatile MIDI controller and players can use it as a recording device as well.

Entertainment Weekly: Holiday Gift Guide: For The Music Lover

Entertainment Weekly, Holiday Gift Guide for the Music Lover, jamstik+ Portable SmartGuitar, for a rocker in training or a pro on the go - real strings and frets and 3 free teaching apps

The A.V. Club: Demand great presents this year with The A.V Club's 2016 gift guide

The A.V. Club, Demand great presents this year with The A.V Club's 2016 gift guide, jamstik+ photo, Kevin Pang

"Why do we deserve it? Because we'd rather be a guitar player than a guitar hero. Jamstik+ is a Bluetooth-enabled guitar device with a real fretboard, and a smartphone or computer can track on-screen the notes played in real time. It makes learning a guitar far more interactive than the old method of books, tapes, or aimlessly plucking a string at a time in search of the right note. Seasoned musicians would also find the Jamstik+ useful—it’s light enough to carry in backpacks, ready at a moment’s notice to translate the inner-music of your muse into actual notes and chords via your favorite song composition app."

"Who else deserves it? Wannabe musicians who fear the human interaction and financial burden of in-person lessons." via [Kevin Pang]

Huffington Post: Gifts for the Traveling Entrepreneur

As an entrepreneur, you never know where you might be in a month. More likely than not you’ll spend a lot of time driving in the car to meetings, presentations and trade shows, flying in planes to attend conferences, even just walking outside of the house to clear your head and let your mind do what it does best—think. Having spent a lot of my days and nights traveling, here are my top picks for the traveling entrepreneur.

jamstik+ Smart Guitar

As you work on your DJ-ing skills, why not start jamming out with Jamstik, one of the coolest gadgets out there now that allows you to learn how to play guitar starting with the basics.

Android Guys: 10 unique Christmas tech gift ideas for music aficionados

jamstik purple: android guys
So maybe your friend wants to be a guitarist? Why not give him a mock instrument he could practice on before going for the real deal? Then the Jamstick+ is what you will need. The smart guitar gizmo pairs each note to your Android phone, no tuning necessary.

USA Today's Modern Woman: 198 Holiday gift ideas

USA Today, Modern Woman, jamstik+ smart guitar, 198 Holiday gift ideas

Pocketables: Holiday Gift Guide

Pocketables Holiday Gift Guide, jamstik+ SmartGuitar,

"Any guitarist would be happy with the Jamstik+ by Zivix, a well constructed high end midi device combined with an intuitive app this is excellent both for learning guitar and professionals practicing the craft it is a highly portable alternative to a full guitar. Available in both black and white for $299 this may be the best gift for a guitarist this year."

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And if you're looking for a fun musical toy to get the young ones in your life interested in music, check out AirJamz—a Bluetooth-enabled guitar pick that has everyone making music!

Meredith Cannon
Meredith Cannon


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