Helpful Resources for Getting Into A Songwriting Workflow

Helpful Resources for Getting Into A Songwriting Workflow

October 11, 2019

60 seconds with the Jamstik 7 + Splice + Output’s Exhale + Ableton Live

Do you ever bring the Jamstik into your DAW to begin songwriting and hit a bit of a roadblock coming up with fresh ideas from scratch? YOU'RE NOT ALONE. Getting into a songwriting workflow doesn't always come naturally, but there are some incredible tools out there to help make your life easier and spark some fresh creativity.

Let's get into it. (the 60-second demo video is at the bottom of the post.)

Resource 1: Splice

If you're not already familiar, Splice is a cloud-based music creation and collaboration platform that helps streamline the sometimes fragmented process of creating and sharing music. The platform offers access to millions of the best royalty-free samples, loops, and presets from some of the best producers and musicians in the game. 

Step 1: For our songwriting purposes today, we're going to grab an audio loop from Splice, drop it into our DAW, and duplicate it for time. 

Step 1: Grab an audio loop from Splice

Resource 2: Exhale from Output

Ahh Output, how we love what you output. ♥️

In all seriousness, the team at Output produces incredibly high-quality software for music creators across a wide variety of genres. For this example, we're using Output's Exhale Vocal Engine specifically, but you should totally check out all of their offerings and listen to the various demos to see if a particular sound engine fits your needs.

Step 2: Once you've dropped in the audio loop and duplicated it, you'll want to track a chord progression with the Jamstik. In this demo, we used the Snap Pop patch for Exhale. 

Using Output's Exhale Vocal Engine

Step 3: Track bass with the Killer Robots patch in Exhale.

Using the Jamstik with Exhale from Output

Step 4: Time to play the lead line using the Rezo Love patch. 

**You'll notice in the demo that we're utilizing 'Tap Mode' on the Jamstik 7 when we improvise the lead line. There are two ways to activate this mode:

  • Option 1: You can hold the center button down to trigger the mode momentarily. When you let go of the center button with your finger, you'll be back to normal strumming mode.
  • Option 2: Press the left and right buttons simultaneously to toggle your Jamstik into Tap Mode. To go back to strumming, simply press the buttons again. 

Tap Mode on Jamstik 7

Here's the final result:

Have you tried using any resources from Splice or Output? Let us know in the comments, or better yet, upload a video using these products together and tag us on social at @Jamstik using the hashtags #Jamstik or #madewithJamstik 🤘

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