Best Instagram Tips & Tricks for Guitarists and Musicians

Best Instagram Tips & Tricks for Guitarists and Musicians

August 13, 2018

Did you know Instagram's users are more music-oriented than the general population? According to a study from Nielsen commissioned by Instagram last year, Instagram users spend 30% more time listening to music each week than the general population. It's no wonder that Instagram has become our go-to network for inspiration, entertainment, and interaction with musicians. In fact, we have found most of our Jamstik Artist Ambassadors through the platform! 

Remember the days when you used to listen to the radio to hear about concerts coming to town? Nowadays, you will likely see your favorite artists announce their tours and ticket availability on Instagram before anywhere else. In this blog post, we'll introduce you to some of our favorite accounts and communities, hashtags to engage with and follow, and provide a few other tips and tricks for growing your network and getting your music out there!

Music & Guitar Inspiration


PickUp is a community of creators, musicians, and music lovers. It's a unique, community-focused, artist-first music platform that curates, captures, and produces engaging interviews and performances from a diverse range of forward-thinking artists. This community really does bring you closer to the music. 

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Pickup is the main account, but you can also check out it's "sub" accounts including: @pickupjazz/ and @pickupcreative. Make sure you're also following the PickUp founder, @SamBlakelock


Pro Tip: Make sure to pay attention to the weekly themed hashtags ^ such as "PickUpBeats"—this is a great opportunity to get featured!


The HOG community is curated by a talented player who also happens to use the Jamstik😌— Torbjørn Hoelsveen @hoelsveen! The feed features talented players, classic guitar throwback videos, entertaining guitar stunts and more. Make sure to follow and use the hashtag #highonguitar for a chance to be featured!



Organic & Paid Feature Opportunities

To start, try gaining organic exposure by using the hashtags associated with some popular guitar accounts. If your posts are still not getting much visability, consider paying for a feature on one of the below channels.


Guitars Are Better Instagram






GuitarsDaily Instagram



Streaming Services

These are the platforms that would ultimately be streaming your music to your fans—get to know their different brand characteristics and stay up-to-date with new streaming features on the various networks.

 Spotify Instagram Apple Music Instagram

Pandora Instagram GooglePlayMusic Instagram

Amazon Music Tidal Instagram

Soundcloud Instagram

More importantly, get to know what features and benefits these services offer to their artists. Can you track where your music is being streamed? What kind of data do you have access to? Can you submit your music for playlist feature considerations

Pro Tip: Both Apple Music and Spotify have recently launched dedicated sites for artists.

Apple Music for Artists opens up analytics for musicians and labels so artists can see their total plays on Apple Music, radio spins, songs purchased on iTunes, album purchases, audience demographics, etc. The program is in Beta right now, so make sure to get on the list!

The 'Spotify for Artists' website provides audience insights, options to customize your artist profile, and the most exciting feature—a place to submit your music to the Spotify editorial team for a chance to get your music featured (and reach millions of fans)!

The Spotify for Artists site also has music industry tips, best practices, helpful blog articles, and inspiration from music legends & industry insiders. Follow the Spotify for Artists account on Instagram to stay up-to-date with recent interviews and blog posts!


Social Media Quick Tips:

*Follow hashtags so they show up in your feed. It's a great way to get introduced to new accounts and other users. 

*Utilize your Instagram story! With Instagram's algorithm, it can be hard to gain visibility on your posts, so try sharing videos and photos in your story & using the new features that Instagram rolls out—including polls, questions, etc. 

Pro Tip: Highlight your story content to be featured on your profile page. This is an awesome way to get more value out of your story content and showcase your best stuff beyond the 24-hour window.

PickupJazz Story Highlights

*Engage with hashtags and other artists' accounts. Drop a like or leave a comment when you dig someone's content—the best way to get support is to show some support as well! 

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Make sure you're following Jamstik on Instagram & use the hashtags #Jamstik and #MadeWithJamstik for features on our account!

Have any favorite Instagram accounts we missed or tips for other musicians? Let us know in the comments section!

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