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3 Free Synth Plugins we love with the Jamstik

3 Free Synth Plugins we love with the Jamstik

April 29, 2020

Looking for some new free plugins to stay creative with? Here are 3 synths to get you started quickly using the Jamstik!

Tyrell N6 by U-he

German tech company U-he has been consistently releasing high quality and unique products for around 20 years. It’s flagship soft synth “Zebra” has been adopted by many high profile creators, most notably Hans Zimmer (for Dark Knight & Dark Knight Rises). While they have a handful of different synths available for free download, today we’re going to highlight specifically Tyrell N6. Initially conceived as a low-cost hardware unit modeled after the legendary Juno 60, the project eventually found a home as a beautiful piece of virtual analog freeware. With two oscillators and two LFO’s, analog-style ADSR, and more presets than you could ever use, Tyrell N6 is perfect for hardware geeks or preset flippers. On the topic of presets, “PV Oddy Wow” responds particularly well to the JS Studio and is perfect for laying down some funky or jazzy Herbie Hancock style leads.

More presets to check out:

  • HS Noise Pitcher
  • Dusty Organ
  • bbb FakeRhod

SyndtSphere by Klevgrand

Run by a small team of Swedish creatives, Klevgrand is a new company that our team is particularly excited about. With a unique and minimalist approach to instrument and mixing plugins, you’ll most likely be equally inspired by the look of these plugs as you are the sounds. SyndtSphere, a free synth offering from the company, is kind of unusual compared to the other two plugins on this list. It offers master control of some effects but the sound selection is particularly intriguing. You simply click and drag your mouse around this massive spider web of presets, morphing and blending the sounds until you land on something you like. Released as a sort of teaser to build intrigue for their paid instruments, SyndtSphere is unbelievably easy to use and the sounds it produces are surely inspiring.

Helm by Matt Tytel

There isn’t too much information available about the Helm plugin other than it’s free, It pretty much works on any setup you have (assuming you have a computer), and people love it. With a UI similar in appearance to Serum and loads of presets, simply download and strum away. Great for surfing presets and tweaking or building from scratch. The sound is full and modern and could find its way into anything from pop to trap to disco. Here are a few presets to get you started.

  • MT Filtered Bass 1
  • CM Grit Bass
  • MT Easy Vibrato

Here's what the sound like!


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