New MIDI App Review Series Launch: Apps We Got To Have

by Chris Heille April 23, 2015

New MIDI App Review Series Launch: Apps We Got To Have
Have you searched the term “MIDI” on the iTunes App Store recently? If you haven’t, give it a try. As a word of caution I’ll warn you to not be overwhelmed by the results you’ll find. There’s a ton of apps that reference “MIDI.” Like many things on the App Store in general, you’ll need a much more refined search or a direct link to an app to find value.

Or - you have a friend share with you about something that works for them. That’s why we’ve started “Apps We Got To Have.” (Yes, it’s grammatically a mess, but there was more fussiness about “Apps We Gotta Have” so whatever. Maybe we'll find a new title for this after we get more of them under our belt.) We've screened a lot of apps for use with the jamstik, and we’ve certainly got our favorites and “go-to’s” for certain sounds or functionality.

"Apps We Got To Have” is a series dedicated to sharing info about the apps that we love to use with the jamstik. We’re not concerned with doing “deep dive” style reviews where we go over every detail of an app in exhaustive fashion, we’ll leave that to Dischord and Synthtopia. What we want to do is demonstrate the one or two things we love about an app, what makes it valuable for use with the jamstik. Hopefully we uncover something you might have missed or didn’t know was out there in the App Store. Yes, we’re going to review some of the obvious choices, but we’ll hit the new releases too and pass along our findings so you won’t have to guess.

So to lead off the series we’re giving you three installments of “Apps You Got To Have.” (Sheesh, that grammar is already killing me…) We took a look at Apple’s GarageBand, UVI’s BeatHawk, and Onemie’s M3000 HD. Enjoy!

Christopher Heille
Music Product Specialist

Chris Heille
Chris Heille


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