The Jamstik Blog has arrived!

by Jamstik Team September 03, 2014

Customers and Supporters,

With all of the methods of communication available to us these days, things can get confusing.  We wanted to provide you with a single place to get reliable information right from us, the team at Zivix. So, from now on we'll be posting major updates and announcements here on our blog!  Subscribe to make sure you stay up to date on production status, firmware updates, app updates and more.  Be on the lookout for new videos, app and software demos, contests, events and other fun stuff too!

Our job doesn't end when we ship you the product. It's our goal to make sure you have a great experience with your jamstik and continue to have fun with it for years to come.  This is just the beginning, and we hope you'll stay with us on the journey as our technology and products evolve.

We look forward to your participation in the conversation, so feel free to comment on our posts and we'll do our best to get back to you. Thanks for stopping by!

As always you can get in touch with us at or for support related issues:

Jamstik Smart Guitar for iOS

Jamstik Team
Jamstik Team


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