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Jamstik & Woodchuck USA have partnered to create these custom, real wood stands for your tablets or for the 5 and 7-fret Jamstik controllers!

  • The stands work for any of the portable Jamstik controllers (Jamstik+, Jamstik 7, Jamstik GT), and also work great as a tablet stand
  • For each purchase, Woodchuck USA will plant a tree! #BuyOnePlantOne
  • Made in the USA


Who is Woodchuck USA?


WOODCHUCK USA is a technology-driven wood products manufacturer based in Minneapolis specializing in customization. The business was founded with a simple mission—to put nature back into people's lives. So, with every product sold, they plant a tree!

How do I find my tree that Woodchuck Plants?


Make sure to keep the small insert that comes with your woodchuck product, it will list the coordinates of the tree that was planted, then you can go to this page to find your tree!