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15 Sampler instruments recorded by Samples from Mars with 25 presets designed by the Jamstik Team. 

For use with the Jamstik Creator software only. 

1.53 GB Download Size

Sampled from a variety of late 80s / early 90s Kawaii synthesizers, these unique synths helped create the dreamy and crunchy sounds often associated with early Rave music. These presets are great for adding punch, character, and a gentle haze to whatever you're working on. 

Installation Instructions:

1. Make sure your Jamstik Creator and Sound Library are up to date. You can update through the pop-up in the Jamstik Creator app, or download the latest Jamstik Creator.

2. After checkout, you'll receive an email and download link, which should appear as a .jspack file.

3. Open the Jamstik Creator standalone app and drag your downloaded .jspack onto an active Jamstik Creator standalone window. That's it!