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Bundle Edition (Includes Case & Add-On Body)

The Jamstik Guitar Trainer is the ultimate, go-anywhere guitar instruction tool bundled with apps and software that take the guesswork out of learning to play. 

See your fingers on the screen in real-time in an easy to use system that will have you playing your first guitar chords in minutes. At just over 18 inches, you can practice anywhere with the Jamstik. 

Includes: 4 AA Batteries, Guitar Strap, Strap Pegs, 2 Guitar Picks, & Allen Key for tightening strings. The bundled version also includes an add-on body for improved ergonomic support and a padded travel case. 

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Make music on the go

The Jamstik is designed to travel anywhere you make music. It’s lightweight, wireless, and portable. A padded, custom-made carrying case makes it even easier to play on the go.

See Your Fingers On Screen

The Jamstik Guitar Trainers are powered by patented FretTouch™ Finger Sensing Technology and Infrasense™ Optical String Pickups supporting an enhanced digitized guitar learning experience. See your fingers on the screen in real-time & take the guesswork out of learning to play.


Is the Jamstik GT available for left-handed players?


Yep! Make sure to select Lefty in the dropdown menu before you add to cart. The models themselves are reversible & built equally for both righties and lefties, but we'll have to string them up in reverse and set the firmware so you'll be ready to go when it arrives.

Will you support Android?


While select Android Devices running Android 6.0.1+ are able to connect, the audio processing capabilities across devices are not quite up to par with our standards, so we cannot officially announce widespread support for the platform at this time. The variability of devices & lack of software support may prevent a full experience. However, we are certainly monitoring the situation closely.

The Jamstik is a class-compliant MIDI controllers, and therefore any platform that provides protocols and infrastructure for our devices will be supported. 

Can you create with the Jamstik GT?


Definitely—After you've logged some hours learning on the Jamstik GT, you can take your skills over to music recording apps like GarageBand or Soundtrap to build your own tracks!

Does the Jamstik GT work with my DAW?


Yes! All Jamstiks are DAW compatible and will work with any software or apps that accept MIDI input, including Ableton, Logic, Pro Tools, GarageBand, SampleTank, and hundreds of others.

Does the Jamstik make sound on its own?


No, just like a lot of MIDI keyboards, you'll have to connect it to a device (smartphone, tablet, laptop/desktop computer) running our apps or third-party software to create the sound.

Can I use headphones to plug in?


Yes, you can use headphones—one of the main reasons to use the Jamstik is because you can have a private playing experience! That said, you cannot plug headphones directly into the Jamstik. Instead, just plug them into the device your Jamstik is connected to.

Note: You'll want to use a wired connection (aux cord) instead of Bluetooth headphones. 

What happens if a string breaks? Can they be replaced?


We sourced high-quality custom guitar strings from D'Addario—one of the largest string manufacturers in the world. The mechanical design is very durable, and the strings do not flex as much as a normal guitar, so a string should not break under normal conditions. However, guitar strings do wear down and oxidize over extended periods of use. If one does break, it can be easily replaced for no charge within our 180-day warranty. The strings are custom made for Jamstik products and replacements are readily available on our website.

How are the batteries charged? Are they replaceable?


The Jamstik Guitar Trainer has four included AA batteries for up to 72 hours of continuous play. You may also use rechargeable AA batteries.