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8 Sampler instruments recorded by ASADI | 70 presets designed with the Jamstik Team. 

For use with the Jamstik Creator software only. 

85.7MB Download Size

Introducing the ASADI Ensembles sample pack, a one-of-a-kind collaboration between LA-based producer and instrumentalist, ASADI, and the team at Jamstik. This unique pack features 8 sampler instruments performed by Danny Asadi, including Persian Tar, Persian Setar, Italian Bowl Back Mandolin, Turkish Saz, Arabic Electric Oud, Tanbur, Handpan, and Ukulele.

With a sound that's heavily influenced by his Middle Eastern roots, ASADI is known for his electronic music production that fuses together traditional Middle Eastern instruments and modern electronic beats. This sample pack captures the essence of his unique sound and provides you with the tools to create your own music that's inspired by his work.

The sampled sounds in this pack can be blended together and layered, giving you endless possibilities for creating your own unique sound. Whether you're producing music for film, television, or your own personal project, the ASADI Sample Pack is a must-have for any music producer or enthusiast who's looking to add a touch of the Middle East to their music.