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9 Sampler instruments recorded by Samples from Mars with 22 presets designed by the Jamstik Team. 

For use with the Jamstik Creator software only. 

241 MB Download Size

The legendary team at Samples From Mars spent hours multi-sampling these analog synths to a classic reel-to-reel machine, providing you with unmatched sound quality and variety. Each synth patch recorded took up around 1,250ft of tape! Sounds range from saturated sub-bass to epic 80s poly synths, sync leads, and dirty FX, sampled from original MKS-7, Oberheim SEM, Moog Micromoog & Novation Bass Station hardware. 

Warm, fat, gritty, and pretty—these patches are something special. Multi-sampling synths to tape is quite a tedious process to say the least, but wow do the results pay off!

Installation Instructions:

1. Make sure your Jamstik Creator and Sound Library are up to date. You can update through the pop-up in the Jamstik Creator app, or download the latest Jamstik Creator.

2. After checkout, you'll receive an email and download link, which should appear as a .jspack file.

3. Open the Jamstik Creator standalone app and drag your downloaded .jspack onto an active Jamstik Creator standalone window. That's it!