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Getting Started With Your jamstik+

1. Intro and Product Registration

Congratulations, you are now a part of the future of music learning and creation! Whether you're learning your first chords with jamTutor, or creating entire songs with the jamstik, we want to make sure you're set up to have the best experience possible.

To start, you'll want to register your jamstik+ and download the accompanying software.

Have a support question right away? Check out the Jamstik Support page for other setup questions. There are many useful articles there, and our team members are on hand to discuss any questions via live chat, email, or over the phone.

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Tips and tricks

  • The jamstik is designed to pair wirelessly with your iPhone, iPad, Mac and select Android devices. If you want the device to be louder try plugging it into speakers or headphones.
  • Bluetooth and other wireless speakers increase the delay between a sound being played and heard, for the lowest latency please use wired speakers or headphones.
  • Sometimes new firmware is made available after your jamstik+ is manufactured, so it is important to update when you get it out of the box. Firmware updates are available via the official jamstik+ apps for iOS, mac, and Android.
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4. Updating your firmware

Firmware updates can be used to add functionality, fix bugs, and add fine-tune the performance of the device. You've probably updated your iPhone or iPad before, from version 7 to 8, or 8 to 9. It's the same idea with the jamstik+, it's always getting better!

*You ONLY need to update your firmware when you see a yellow button with "Important Firmware Update Available"

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Steps for updating firmware

*Make sure your jamstik has at least 25% battery before updating the firmware.

  1. Select the "Important firmware update" button
  2. Firmware update will proceed
  3. Once completed, your jamstik+ will power off
  4. Power on your jamstik+
  5. Reconnect & enjoy your new Firmware!

5. Connect with us!

We'd love to see what users in our community are creating with the jamstik! Make sure to join our users group on Facebook, and tag us in your posts on social media with the hashtag #jamstik

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