Our Story

Founded in 2009 in Minneapolis, MN, Zivix is a pioneer in the music technology space.

Zivix builds products for professional musicians, people who want to become musicians, or people who just want to have fun with musical tools. The team has been actively developing software/apps for multiple platforms including iOS and Android since 2009.

HQ: Zivix
4150 Olson Memorial Hwy, Ste 400
Golden Valley, MN 55422

Company Website: Zivix.co
Company phone number: (612) 225-0096
Media Contact: meredith@zivix.net

For embeddable videos: Visit Jamstik on Youtube

To download a zip file of all assets: Visit Jamstik on Dropbox

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Coming Soon

Zivix Jamstik Smart Guitars
Jamstik 12 and Jamstik 7
Horizontal Jamstik 12 and Jamstik 7 Smart Guitars
Zivix Jamstik 7 Smart Guitar
New Jamstik Smart Guitars, Jamstik 12 & Jamstik 7
Jamstik 7 & Jamstik 12 Black Background
Jamstik 12 Render

Available Now

Brazilian Rosewood Limited Edition jamstik+
Ocean Blue Marble — Limited Edition Jamstik+
Blue Marble, Jamstik+
Brazilian Rosewood jamstik+
jamstik with laptop
jamstik+ with phone
White jamstik+ smart guitar with iPad on desktop
jamstik+ with tablet
Black jamstik+ Lifestyle Outside
White jamstik+ Smart Guitar
Black jamstik+ Woman Outside
Jamstik EXT Add On Body
Jamstik+ Portable Smart Guitar Play Anywhere
Jamstik+ in classroom
Girl with jamstik
see your fingers jamstik+
Blue jamstik+ smart guitar, music production
man composing with jamstik+
White Jamstik+ Smart Guitar with iPad
jamstik with bag
jamstik+ Travel
Boy learning guitar with Blue jamstik+ smart guitar
Vertical Image: White jamstik+ smart guitar on black background
Black jamstik+ smart guitar on white background
jamstik+ angle
jamstik+ top side


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Artist Testimonials:

"I have been using the Jamstik as a midi controller with Logic and have loved it! As I’m a fairly bad keyboardist, this really allows me to use the software in a totally different way."

—Dan Rothman, Guitarist, London Grammar

"The jamstik+ has been a very convenient and useful tool on the road. It's extremely small, light and portable—it fits right in my backpack. You can approach composing music in a very new way that is foreign to most guitar players. I've recorded drum tracks, bigs synth pads, and even piano parts with it."

—Greg Karas, Guitarist, Andy Grammer Band

"Not only is the jamstik+ an innovative and powerful teaching tool, but it's also the first fully functional guitar MIDI controller I've managed to get my hands on. Say goodbye to your MIDI keyboard!"

—Nicholas Veinoglou, Session & Touring Guitarist *Currently touring with Bazzi