Our Story

Founded in 2009 in Minneapolis, MN.

Zivix builds innovative electronic instruments and connected software to inspire, educate and empower musicians and creative professionals.

HQ: Zivix
4150 Olson Memorial Hwy, Ste 400
Golden Valley, MN 55422

Company Website: Zivix.co
Media Contact: meredith@zivix.net

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Jamstik 7 & Jamstik 12 Jamstik+ Logos Videos Fact Sheets Press Releases

Jamstik 7 & Jamstik 12

Jamstik 12 (JS12) & Jamstik 7 (JS7)
Jamstik 12 (JS12)
Jamstik 7 (JS7)
Add-On Body
Jamstik 12 tracking in Logic, Feedback on Jamtutor
Jamstik 7 with Fingers on screen
Jamstik 12 MIDI Controller in the music studio
Jamstik12 Studio Stand Up
New Jamstik MIDI Smart Guitars
Jamstik 7 and Jamstik 12 with iPhone
Jamstik 7 & JamTutor on iPhone
Jamstik 12 MIDI Guitar Producer
Jamstik12 Home
Jamstik 12 Downtown Mobile Music Studio
Jamstik12 Producer
Jamstik 12 Rooftop Music Gear
Jamstik 7 Playing Outside
Jamstik 7 Music Gear
Jamstik7 Travel Case On The Go
Jamstik 7 in the classroom, guitar instruction, music education
Jamstik7 In Car, Travel Guitar
Jamstik 12 Guitar MIDI Controller
Jamstik Software, Jamtutor, Play.Jamstik.com
Jamstik12 Travel Case
Jamstik7 & Add-on Body
Jamstik 7 Travel Case
Zivix Jamstik Brand Colors


man composing with jamstik+
Blue jamstik+ smart guitar, music production
jamstik with bag
jamstik with laptop
jamstik+ with tablet
Black jamstik+ Lifestyle Outside
Black jamstik+ Woman Outside
Jamstik EXT Add On Body
Jamstik+ in classroom
Girl with jamstik
Boy learning guitar with Blue jamstik+ smart guitar
see your fingers jamstik+
Black jamstik+ smart guitar on white background
jamstik+ angle
Jamstik Fretting Gif - See Fingers On Screen- Learning Guitar


Fact Sheets

Jamstik 7 & 12 Product Comparison
Jamstik Product Comparison