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27 Sampler instruments recorded by Samples from Mars with 40 presets designed by the Jamstik Team. 

For use with the Jamstik Creator software only. 

20.1 MB Download Size

Trumpet Fragments features a collection of trumpet tones, licks, breaths, and stabs performed by acclaimed trumpet player Greg Paulus and recorded by Samples From Mars. The sounds were harmonized through an Eventide H3000 and then synthesized into playable instruments, including cosmic horns, symphonic leads, chord stabs, ambient pads, modulating FX, and more. 

The intention behind this pack was not to mimic an acoustic trumpet, but to re-contextualize the horn within a modern and electronic environment. These real trumpet samples were chopped, tweaked, and blended to create something more closely resembling a futuristic trumpet-synth than a traditional canned-trumpet sample pack.

The team had Greg solo, then went about selecting small fragments of the performance - sometimes full riffs, other times just the attack or the tail. By manipulating the trumpet to create a more electronic sound, the results are unique, impressive, and modern.