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The first sound expansion pack for Jamstik Creator contains 3 new Sampler Instruments— an Eerie Cello, Lofi Ukulele, and a Mandolin, accompanied by 26 MPE presets based around these new instruments. Classic with a twist, these presets inject a unique and organic sound into your electronic, pop, or hip hop productions.

Installation Instructions:

1. Make sure your Jamstik Creator and Sound Library are up to date. Either check your email for the latest Jamstik Creator version, update through the pop-up in the Jamstik Creator app, or download Jamstik Creator on Shopify.

Once downloaded, make sure that you run the Jamstik Creator installer and the Update Sound Library installer.

2. After checkout, you'll receive an email and download link, which should appear as a .jspack file.

3. Open the Jamstik Creator standalone app and drag the .jspack onto an active Jamstik Creator standalone window.