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The Jamstik Deluxe MIDI guitar is a high-performance, 24-fret electric guitar with full MIDI capabilities designed for music producers, professional guitar players, and hobbyist players alike. Powered by Jamstik signal processing technology & proprietary algorithms, the Jamstik Deluxe offers an unparalleled combination of quality, innovation, and style for musicians who demand the best.

Jamstik Deluxe Features:

  • HH Pickup Configuration
  • Locking Tuners
  • Hardtail Bridge
  • Rolling String Retainer
  • 3-position Toggle Pickup Switching
  • 1 Tone Knob
  • 1 Volume Knob
  • Standard 1/4'' out
  • Wired MIDI-out options:
    • USB-C cable
    • 3.5mm TRS-MIDI cable
    • Bluetooth


  • Hard-Shell case
  • Required USB-C cable
  • 3.5mm TRS-MIDI cable
  • Allen Keys
  • Manual
  • Guitar Pick
  • Bundled Jamstik Creator software for Mac or PC (downloaded separately)

*All Duties, VAT, or taxes are the customer's responsibility and are not included in shipping costs. 


Size: 24 Frets, Full Size Body, 8.8lbs

Scale Length: 25.5"

Pickups: 2 Pickups (Humbucker-Humbucker), 3-Way Switch, 1 Tone Knob, 1 Volume Knob, Hex MIDI Pickup

Height 40"
Net Weight 8.8lbs
Body Material Swamp Ash
Body Paint Color / Finish Options Flamed Maple Veneer with Transparent Finish
Neck Material Roasted Maple with Purpleheart Core
Neck Shape C-Shape
Scale Length 25.5"
Fretboard Radius 14"
Number of Frets 24 (Glow-in-the-dark Fret Markers)
Truss Rod Yes
Fretboard Material Roasted Maple (Blue Deluxe) / Synthetic Ebony (Red Deluxe)
Neck Width 1.65'' /42mm
Bridge Pickup KD
Neck Pickup KD
Pickup Switching 3-Position Toggle
Pickup Configuration HH
Knobs / Special 1 Tone Knob, 1 Volume Knob
Hardware Finish Gold Hardware

Jamstik Creator Software

Jamstik Creator was built from scratch to harness the MPE-enhanced performance capabilities and dynamic nuances of the Studio MIDI Guitar. It's both a utility application for customizing your Jamstik's settings, and a full hybrid synthesizer.

The Jamstik Creator software is available as a standalone application for Mac & PC, and as a VST3, AAX, or AUv3 plugin to use within a DAW.

Explore Jamstik Creator

Jamstik Control App

The mobile companion app for the Jamstik MIDI guitars. Connect via Bluetooth or USB to adjust settings on the fly. Play a variety of sounds in-app and select from a large variety of scale and chord overlays to sharpen your skills and fretboard knowledge.

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Download on Android

Jamstik Community

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How does the Jamstik detect the pitch?


We are using a special hexaphonic MIDI pickup for pitch recognition paired with our own unique onboard algorithmic processing to ensure this job is done as quickly and accurately as possible—all while retaining genuine guitar playability.

How is the latency?


Latency is similar to a standard MIDI keyboard. The time it takes the pitch conversion to process the information into MIDI data over USB or TRS averages to 10ms, with the typical range from 6ms-15ms. We always recommend closing out of unused applications and adjusting the buffer rate in your DAW to combat latency issues.

Can I use it with music notation software?


The Jamstik MIDI guitars are compatible with any music notation programs that accept MIDI-input. It works great for scoring in Guitar Pro by entering notes step by step, however, you will need to add things like hammer-on, slides, bends & other articulations manually after the note information has been entered since the software does not currently support real-time MIDI implementation.

Does the Jamstik Creator software require a DAW?


While the Jamstik MIDI guitars will work right out of the box with all MIDI-capable DAWs and plugins, the guitar does not require a DAW. The compatible Jamstik software can run as a standalone app on Mac and Windows and includes a curated library of specifically designed sounds for the Studio guitar. 

Does it utilize MPE (MIDI Polyphonic Expression)?


The Jamstik was built as an MPE-capable controller, which helps immensely with achieving realistic guitar performance expression.

In MPE mode, each string of the Jamstik controls a different MIDI channel—including MIDI notes, pitch bend, and importantly, expression information. Paired with a compatible sound generator, this means that the performance on one string does not affect the others, allowing for greater control over the sound and a more natural response from the sound generator.

The Jamstik also tracks the intensity of each string's vibration over time. This can be used to control the loudness and/or brightness of the synth voices so they decay along with your guitar strings. It's a more natural playing experience catering to the guitar controller, and also enables styles like palm mute to be recognized and synthesized in a way that makes sense and feels natural.

While a growing number of software developers are implementing the MPE protocol, for the programs that were built with a keyboard or pad controller in mind, the Jamstik can swap into single-channel MIDI mode, which behaves more like a simple keyboard.

Can I use a Bluetooth speaker or wireless headphones?


No, you'll want to use a wired connection (aux cord) instead of a Bluetooth speaker or wireless headphones to avoid unwanted latency.

How does the Jamstik compare to other MIDI guitar solutions—like the Roland GK-3 and GR-55, or the TriplePlay hex MIDI pickup?


The hex pickup is really just one small part of the equation—the true performance capabilities come from the technology and processing power packed into the guitar itself. Our signal processing is done onboard the guitar with a dedicated processor, driven by proprietary algorithms written for accuracy, speed, and broad coverage of the variety of guitar playing techniques desired — i.e. bends, slides, hammer-ons, tapping, etc.

Since the processing is on the guitar, there's also no need to use a computer or external pitch to MIDI converter/13-pin to MIDI converter box (like the Gi-2, for example). You can plug the Jamstik Studio in to control a hardware synthesizer using the 3.5mm TRS-MIDI output.

Further, our MIDI guitar is a class-compliant MIDI controller and works plug-n-play with any DAW, plugin, app, or notation software that accepts MIDI input. Connection is via USB, Bluetooth, or TRS-MIDI, so there's no need for special cables or accompanying floor modules.

How does the Jamstik MIDI Guitar compare to software solutions like Jam Origin's MIDI Guitar 2?


The hex pickup in the Jamstik allows it to track with greater accuracy compared to a mono signal—this is especially apparent when tracking half-step intervals on neighboring strings. The hex pickup also allows the Jamstik to input tablature seamlessly since it captures the specific string channel/corresponding MIDI channel that each MIDI note comes through on.

Are there any Duties, Taxes, or VAT included in the pricing?


No, every country, state, province, and city has different rules—making it impossible to calculate and pay accurately. All Duties, VAT, or any taxes are the responsibility of the customer.