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The Jamstik is the the world's first "Smart Mobile Guitar," featuring authentic strings & real frets. It's compatible with your iPad, iPhone and Mac, and its portable size means you can take it anywhere. Control our provided teaching and mixing apps or pair it with your favorite iOS apps & Mac software for unlimited musical creativity.

Smart Technology

You'll be playing and enhancing your skills right away, while having fun doing it. Our JamTutor app guides you to the correct positions, illustrating right from wrong in an intuitive, instantly rewarding way. Practice with any sound you like or record any part of a new song. Plus, you'll never have to tune the Jamstik, which frees up time to get creative and simply enjoy music creation.

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Mobile & Versatile

The Jamstik weighs less than 2 pounds, measures just over 16 inches and easily fits into your backpack, briefcase or gig bag. It's also wireless and compatible with your favorite mobile devices. With a full 8 hours of rechargeable battery life, you'll never have to stop playing. Explore new sounds with GarageBand and hundreds of music apps to translate your musical ideas anywhere. It's not just a guitar - it's a Jamstik.

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Authentic by Design

The Jamstik was created to match the specs of a full-sized guitar. It’s why we built it with real strings and real frets. Low latency, dynamic pick response and string bending make for an authentic playing experience. The Jamstik's dynamic MIDI control allows you to “play guitar” while controlling any sound or instrument. How about adding a horn section, an electronic synth lead or even drums? With Jamstik, you can play them all.

Guitar: Amplified

Jamstik and its packaging
Jamstik and its packaging Jamstik accessories strap case and picks jamstik jamstik and iPad playing jamstik on balcony three views of the jamstik

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