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Have you always been curious about learning to play the guitar, but the expense and schedule isn't what you signed up for?

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Make music in an instant and record on the go with GarageBand or hundreds of other compatible apps and software.

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Give your live audience a new flavor without leaving six strings. Play any instrument, anytime, anywhere.

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Play Anywhere

Your imagination is unlimited. When you put your hands on a jamstik, your ideas can go anywhere. From your morning coffee to the beach or the fire escape to the stage, the musical power of your iPad or iPhone can now be played with the nuances of your expression. See how the jamstik fits in all of the places you’re already living in to help you learn, play and create.

Jamstik Features

Control Unlimited Sounds

When you see six strings on any number of frets, you’re conditioned to think you’re going to hear a guitar. See how the jamstik turns that idea upside down. Because the jamstik is an easy-to-use MIDI controller, you can “play guitar” while controlling other sounds. Sure, keyboard players have a thirty year jump on the idea of MIDI, but revolutions have been started with six strings, three chords and the truth. With the simplicity of a jamstik, you’ll have access to worlds of sounds.

Compatible Apps

Integrate with iOS

If you already upgraded to the iPhone 6, iPhone 6+ or the iPad Air 2, then you have experienced how the new features have blurred the lines between “mobile” and “workstation.” Add the jamstik to the mix and those new iOS devices will rock your ideas out in short order. What you see here is what you get - all of the audio in this video is performed and recorded using the jamstik, GarageBand for iOS, and an iPhone 6. Enjoy!

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Jamstik and its packaging
Jamstik and its packaging Jamstik accessories strap case and picks jamstik jamstik and iPad playing jamstik on balcony three views of the jamstik

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