Wireless dance moves by Andy Grammer band on Jimmy Kimmel Live made possible by the puc+!

Andy Grammer is known for not only his stellar voice and catchy tunes that stick in your head, (Honey I’m Good, Keep Your Head Up, and countless others), but also his killer live performances made possible by the band of talented musicians supporting him. Andy and his band have been performing together for years and always put on a great live show. We’ve been stoked to connect with Andy and his band over the last couple of months as they’ve been touring and constantly innovating their music and stage performances, some of which they've been incorporating our products with!

Doug Wayne of Andy Grammer Band using the puc+ MIDI interface

With the launch of Andy’s new single, “It’s Good To Be Alive, Hallelujiah” he and the band also had to create a stage performance fitting for this hyped new song. They had to go BIG with this one, especially for Jimmy Kimmel! They decided that they were going to blow people away by incorporating the entire band into a synchronized choreographed performance using the entire stage as their musical canvas. Normally, a keyboardist such as Doug Wayne would be relegated to his stationary setup at the keys.

Doug Wayne using the puc+ MIDI interface

Instead, the band saw an opportunity with new technology provided by Zivix to do something never done before. Doug decided to use a Keytar instrument, previously tethered by MIDI wires; made wireless by the Zivix puc product. The choreographed moves required the band to be cable-free allowing them to move about the stage without getting caught up in cables.

Doug Wayne using the puc+ with Andy Grammer Band

This is where the band looked to us at Zivix for a wireless MIDI solution. We strapped our new puc+ to Doug's Keytar equipping it with wireless bluetooth MIDI allowing him to perform his parts as usual in addition to the new added dance moves. A match made in heaven! 360 degree turns, working the stage side to side in tandem, there was nothing to hold these guys back! It was on from there. Andy and his band felt confident in proceeding with the performance, and while they broke new barriers, Zivix broke new ground.

Doug Wayne and Andy Grammer on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Check out the Video of the performance below!



Jarod Hadaway
Jarod Hadaway