Learn, Create, & Record Guitar Music AnywhereThe "Smart" Guitar for Your Mobile Lifestyle

  • Take it on the road. Use it or lose it.. keep your skills up, and the luggage down.
  • Convenient Size. Jamstik is just over 16 inches and less than 2 pounds. How did we make it so small? By removing the frustration. 
  • Expand your sonic territory. The jamstik takes you to musical destinations your old guitar can’t go.
  • No tuning or intonation adjustments needed. The jamstik is always “in tune."
  • Versatility. Play your iPad, iPhone, or Mac as a real musical instrument with real strings and real frets.
  • Portability. The jamstik easily fits backpacks, carry-ons and gig bags.
  • Wireless. Play wherever you want.

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Get a new tool for your musical arsenal. Stand out with jamstik.

A MIDI guitar controller needs to feel and play like an actual guitar. And that’s exactly why the jamstik has real strings & frets. We made sure that any musician using jamstik would be able to bend strings and apply vibrato to create truly authentic-sounding guitar music while in a MIDI setting.

Not only will you enjoy the portability of having a MIDI guitar that’s just over 16 inches and under 2 pounds, but we think you’re going to love being able to jam wherever you can establish a connection to your iPad. There’s no need for special cables, dongles or doo-dads. The jamstik wirelessly connects.

Tapping into your creative side shouldn’t require a van full of gear anymore. With jamstik, you can start writing and playing whenever inspiration hits - whether you’re on the plane, in a train, on a bus or in the comfort of your own home recording studio.

Customer Testimonials:

 "I love playing Syntheziser with the chord voicings of a guitar."
"The feel and action are realistic and it took very little time to get used to the size."
"I get a more natural feel playing woodwind and stringed orchestra instruments with the Jamstik instead of my midi keyboard."
"It feels like a real guitar to play."
"The ability to play any MIDI instrument and built-in tuning is excellent"

MIDI Guitar Features & Benefits