If you are interested in viewing any of our Jamstik tutorial videos, you can check them out in our Jamstik How-To Playlists below. There are several types of videos to watch including:

  • Videos detailing how to connect your jamstik to your mobile device or personal computer
  • Tips and Tricks for using your jamstik with apps like GarageBand®, or software like Ableton Live™


  • How to Connect to iPad or iPhone

A walk-through on how to connect your Jamstik to your iPad using the Jamstik Connect app.
  • Customizing the Picking Settings via the HTML Page

A video on how to configure your Jamstik's pick calibration to your playing style.
  • D-pad & Mute Switch Features & Functions Explained

An explanation of the features and functions the D-pad and mute switch offer to the performance of your Jamstik.
  • How to Connect to a Mac

A video on how to connect your Jamstik to a Mac using the Z-Fi MIDI driver for Mac