FourChords Guitar Karaoke App: jamstik+ Edition:

Zivix and Fourchords have partnered to create a jamstik+ edition of the FourChords Guitar Karaoke App. This partnership means jamstik+ players now have an amazing way to learn and play over 1500 popular songs, old and new. Learn the chords in jamTutor, then play songs in FourChords. This is a game-changer! Scroll down for an overview and VIP unlock code instructions. To request a code, please email with proof of purchase.

"New technology provides interesting possibilities to accelerate the learning process. By combining the new ways of learning chords with jamstik+ as well as learning to play entire songs with FourChords, we can offer an incredibly fast track for users to play their favorite music in record time!"
 Topi Löppönen, Chief Executive Officer, Musopia

FourChords 2017 Update: Jamstik+ Edition VIP Code Unlock Instructions Video: 


"FourChords is where you really take this to the next level because you can download real songs. When you compare this to what you'd be paying for guitar lessons, it's a lot less expensive." —David A. Cox, TechTalk America

"This app will help you play over a 1000 songs by showing the chords with lyrics along with the jamstik+’s fretboard. I enjoyed this app the most because I was playing along with songs I already knew." — Julie Strietelmeier, The Gadgeteer

"If you want to learn to play your favorite songs on guitar, but have no clue how to read notes and tabs, you might be continually frustrated with your musical efforts. Thanks to a host of built-in tools and compatibility with many guitar controllers including the jamstik+, you can toss that frustration aside with the FourChords Guitar Karaoke app." Jeff Byrnes, AppAdvice

User Testimonials

"I love that I can change the tempo. When I start a song I can play slower until I become more familiar with the chords and music, or I can speed up the song to make it sound better. I also love that I earn achievement points and get award titles. It keeps me motivated to practice everyday!" — Rachel Curren  

—Learn more about how this 10-year-old has learned guitar with jamstik+ and FourChords here

Jamstik+ & FourChords FAQ

      • You MUST use your unlock code or click the FourChords link from the jamstik+ app to open up jamstik+ compatibility
      • You may only use your unique code once. 
      • You'll be prompted to connect your jamstik+ AFTER you choose a song.
      • You can use other apps to use different sounds in the background.
      • If you want to slow down tempo, press the rhythm tab and use the slider!
      • If you have issues downloading the app or entering the code, please let us know at
      • Because of licensing issues, FourChords is only available to download in the following countries:
        • Argentina
        • Australia
        • Austria
        • Brazil
        • Canada
        • China
        • Finland
        • France
        • Germany
        • Great Britain
        • Hong Kong
        • India
        • Ireland
        • Italy
        • Japan
        • Malaysia
        • Mexico
        • Netherlands
        • New Zealand
        • Norway
        • Russia
        • Singapore
        • South Africa
        • South Korea
        • Spain
        • Sweden
        • Taiwan
        • Thailand
        • Turkey
        • United States