Mac Apps & Downloads

Mac Apps & Downloads for Jamstik+

Jamstik+ Mac Apps (Beta)

*Apple will release OSX 10.11 El Capitan on Sept. 30 - Things seem to be functioning fine with the beta, but please consider waiting to upgrade your OS until more exhaustive testing has been done.

Jamstik+ Beta Mac App - Serves as the connection between your jamstik+ and BLE (4.0) enabled Mac. Provides sound library, performance adjustments, and firmware updates for jamstik+ users.

JamTutor 1 Beta Mac App - The first installation of jamstik+'s companion guitar teaching app.  Covers the basics of learning guitar and your first chords. 

JamTutor 2 Beta Mac App - The second installation of jamTutor, this version introduces more chords, and plenty of new challenges!

JamMix Beta Mac App - A music creation environment for jamstik+ on Mac.  Trigger background music loops and then jam on top with your jamstik+! 


Jamstik Mobile iOS Apps

Jamstik+ Official App - Serves as the connection between your jamstik+ and iOS mobile device. (2nd Gen Bluetooth Model) 

Jamstik Connect - iOS app store - Serves as the connection between your jamstik and iOS mobile device. (WiFi model ONLY)

jamTutor - iOS app store - Utilizes the jamstik's technology to introduce you to guitar playing methods in an intuitive, step by step manner.

GarageBand for iOS or Mac - The most popular music creation for iOS, the jamstik pairs perfectly with this excellent music suite. 

Additional Compatible Apps and Software - Explore a highly recommended list of apps and software to expand your jamstik's capabilities.

Z-Fi Midi Driver for Mac (1st Gen Wifi Model)

The 1st gen jamstik works best with a Mac using our Z-Fi driver and connection protocol. Click the link below for the current driver package.

Download Link: jamstik Z-Fi Driver - Version 1.1.7 Updated December 12th

Installation Instructions: PDF Walkthrough

Check out the video below for more information on how to connect your jamstik (WiFi) to your Macintosh using the Z-Fi MIDI Driver for Mac

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