Create Music with Jamstik's Wireless Smart Guitar Technology

Any Sound. Any Place. Any Time.

  • Make music in an instant with GarageBand or hundreds of other compatible apps and software.
  • Dynamic MIDI Control. The jamstik is a MIDI controller you can play with your own unique guitar skills. (Synths, samples, drums -- whatever sounds you want.)
  • Your ideas happen on their own schedule. The jamstik is the convenient tool that keeps them coming around.
  • Real strings and real frets enable string bend, vibrato, and more.
  • Increased note range. D-pad enables note range that exceeds the range of a traditional guitar.
  • Convenient size. At just over 16 inches and under 2 pounds, the jamstik fits backpacks, carry-ons and sidebags.
  • Wirelessly connect directly to your iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

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MIDI isn't just for keyboards anymore...

The jamstik is a MIDI controller that works in the same basic fashion as a MIDI keyboard does - only it’s tailored to guitar players. The real strings & frets allow for a truly authentic guitar experience that allows for string bending and vibrato.

Similar to a standard 25-key MIDI keyboard, the jamstik’s 5 frets can appear limited in note range at first glance, but the jamstik’s D-Pad actually allows for more than twice the note range of a traditional guitar.

Even more, there are literally hundreds more sound & music making apps available for iPad, iPhone & Mac. Play synths, recording apps and DAWs using your own unique guitar expression & technique. You’re going to love the limitless sounds at your disposal.


Customer Testimonials:

"Jamstik simplifies my recording setup and opens up the creative process."
"It's a portable wireless midi device with an analog interface that I'm accustomed to."
"It's compact, perfect for travel when I have downtime in the hotel room. Perfect time to write."
"I enjoy discovering the Jamstik as an instrument in its own right and as an interface to existing iOS apps."

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