Chrysanthe Tan

Chrysanthe Tan, Jamstik Artist


Chrysanthe Tan is a Cambodian-Greek-American composer, violinist, and singer-songwriter who performs solo electroacoustic music with violin, looping pedals, and vocals. As a composer, she often incorporates spoken word and specializes in commissions for soloists, chamber groups, and string ensembles. As a violinist, she has appeared on TV shows like Glee and recorded with dozens of artists from Halsey, Alicia Keys, and Paul Anka to Ariana Grande, whom she supported on a world tour in 2015. Chrysanthe has a solo album called Stories, which features chamber music for piano, strings, and electronics and can be found on iTunes, Spotify, Bandcamp, and Pandora.


"The Jamstik is exciting to have in my wheelhouse as a composer because I’m not a great guitarist, but still like to compose for the guitar from time to time. When I use the Jamstik+ in conjunction with Sibelius or another notation software, it allows me to better translate my tactile impulses to notation, as well as test out the playability of my music with greater ease and immediate feedback. Other than that, this little midi guitar is just fun to use as a creative brainstorming tool for my experimental electronic music. Every time I’ve brought the jamstik+ to an Ableton workshop, my colleagues have asked what it is and wanted one for themselves!" 

Chrysanthe's jamstik


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