Using stock or the new sounds from the Jamstik App in GarageBand with Audiobus

Using stock or the new sounds from the Jamstik App in GarageBand with Audiobus

January 13, 2017

If you’ve been curious about using the stock sounds or the new sounds available in the jamstik+ app in your recordings in other DAW style apps, you’ll want to get familiar with Audiobus.

Audiobus is a live app-to-app audio routing app, enabling you to play the sounds in the jamstik+ app as audio into apps like GarageBand, Cubasis, Auria, Loopy, BeatMaker 2, and many others.

Let’s walk through how to patch the Jamstik+ audio into GarageBand using Audiobus. Follow along in the video below:

First, launch the Jamstik app, connect your Jamstik, and open the Menu to turn “Play In Background” to “On” if it isn’t already. Launching the Jamstik app will make it available for Audiobus, and keeping the audio from Jamstik active in the background is necessary for the audio patch to operate correctly.

If you haven’t already installed Audiobus on your iOS device, you’ll want to go to the App Store and purchase it. Once installed, launch Audiobus. 
In Audiobus, select Jamstik+ as your input source by clicking the “Input” icon and scrolling down to find the jamstik+ app from the list of Audiobus compatible input apps installed on your iOS device. Since we’ve already launched jamstik+ the icon illuminates as already active.

Then select GarageBand as your “Output” destination from the list of Audiobus compatible output apps installed on your iOS device. Since we haven’t launched GarageBand we’ll need to launch from within Audiobus by clicking the GarageBand icon.

Once GarageBand is launched your iOS device will return to Audiobus. From here you can navigate to either the Jamstik app or GarageBand. We’ll go to GarageBand and set up our recording.

I’ll select to start a new song, and select the Audio Recorder - it’s what Audiobus uses to capture active audio.

Audiobus creates navigation tabs to give you the ability to switch between your open audio apps, but in our tests use of the tabs can crash apps from different developers - so DON’T USE THE NAVIGATION TABS. We suggest you use the Home button to switch between apps. Use of the tabs for transport operations like play and record seem to work reliably, but if you want to switch apps - use the Home button.

Once your signal path is established, you can record in GarageBand like always, but you’re working with the jamstik+ app’s sounds instead of the GarageBand instruments. I’ll do a quick drum track with some sounds available from the jamstik+ shop, I’m using the Synthwave Drums kit.

When you’re finished your performance appears as an audio track, ready for mixing or editing.

The next time you’re looking for some fresh patches for your songs, check out what’s available in the jamstik+ shop. If you want to keep up with the latest offerings make sure you enable notifications for Jamstik in the Settings. 

Learn more about Audiobus and app-to-app recording here.
Now go make some music!

—The Zivix Team

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