Help Share the Jamstik Indiegogo Campaign—June Giveaways

Help Share the Jamstik Indiegogo Campaign—June Giveaways

June 14, 2018

We couldn't be more excited about our new Jamstik models, and we need your help to spread the word!

In return for your shares and support, we're giving you a chance to win the new Jamstik's!

Evolving from the original Jamstik launched in 2014, these new Jamstiks are powered by all new patented FretTouch™ Finger Sensing Technology and Infrasense™ Optical String Pickups supporting an enhanced digitized guitar learning experience with the Jamstik 7 and making the Jamstik 12 the most versatile high-performance MIDI guitar on the market. 

Win the Jamstik 7 from Ultimate Guitar! 

The first giveaway is for the Jamstik 7 TODAY ONLY (June 14th) on

Jamstik 7 Ultimate Guitar Giveaway promo

The Jamstik 7 is our new baseline model that was designed with learners and travelers in mind. Whether you're a brand new player, or you're a novice player looking to improve your guitar and music creation skills, the Jamstik 7 is the ultimate tool to teach yourself guitar!

Jamstik Customer Testimonial

Jamstik 7 UG Giveaway

The Jamstik comes with free compatible apps and software that help take the guesswork out of learning to play—You can even see your fingers on the screen of your device in real-time! Learn your first chords in minutes, and practice at your own pace. 

Jamstik 7 Guitar - learn guitar with apps

Jamstik 12 — Indiegogo Share Contest

Jamstik — Indiegogo Share Contest


The Jamstik 12 was designed with existing guitar players and musicians looking for a serious MIDI-capable instrument for songwriting, music production, and performance. Piano players have had MIDI keyboards for years, now guitarists are afforded the same tool to express themselves and create music! 

The Jamstik 12 is an ultra-fast MIDI guitar built for DAWs

Upgraded sensors in the Jamstik's fretboard provide ultra-fast tracking and performance, you can connect via Bluetooth, but there's also a direct USB and 5-pin MIDI out for snappier performance. 

Jamstik Customer Testimonial - must have tool for guitarists

From playing tradeshows, assembling prototypes, gathering feedback and showcasing what we've been building, it's a fun story so far with everyone on the Zivix team

Zivix Team, Behind the scenes making the JamstikAs our customers; you're an extension of our team, and we build so you can create.

Thank you so much for joining our movement!


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