How to use the jamstik+ with the FourChords Guitar Karaoke app

by Chris Heille February 14, 2017

Our friends at Musopia dropped an update to their FourChords app, and getting your jamstik+ connected is handled a little differently than it was before. Follow along in the video below.

Before we walk thru the changes, if you’re not already using FourChords you really should give it a try. FourChords Guitar Karaoke has over 1500 popular songs arranged so you can play with the jamstik+ by watching the FretDisplay interface. If there’s a song you want to learn to play, there’s a good chance it’s in the FourChords catalog - very cool.

Included in your package with your jamstik+ is a postcard with a trial code that gets you a 30 day trial of FourChords for free. If you’ve lost your postcard email and we can provide a substitute code for you. 

Redeem Card - FourChords jamstik+
When you launch Four Chords you can watch the tutorials if you’d like, but we’re going to skip it and get right to entering your code and connecting the jamstik+.

Four Chords will default to the “What’s Hot” tab on the home screen, and you’ll want to click the “lock” to enter your code. Once entered you can select “activate” and return to the home screen.

FourChords Activation Code for jamstik+ users

From here you can select a song from any of the tabs on the left, and once you select a song the familiar Bluetooth MIDI chooser will launch. 

One note - you don’t need have the jamstik+ app or GarageBand open in the background unless you want to hear an additional sound layered with the stock guitar sound in FourChords. It’s totally your preference.

You’ll see a familiar abbreviated FretDisplay on the right side of the screen, and three tabs across the top. The Play tab will launch the song, but before you play you might want to check the Chords tab to see what chords are used and view the Justin Guitar video if you need a refresher.

The Strum tab gives you a rhythmic walk thru of the strumming pattern and the opportunity to watch it on Or you can play the song from the Play tab and start making some music.

Strumming Pattern, FourChords

If you’re not already using FourChords to learn to play some of your favorite songs, you should give it a try. You’ll be saying “I know how to play that song” in no time. So - grab your jamstik+, get connected, and start making some music.

Learn more about the FourChords Guitar Karaoke jamstik+ integration here.

To download the jamstik+ version of FourChords, visit this link.

Chris Heille
Chris Heille


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