Product Registration, Updates from the office.

by Jamstik Team October 09, 2014

Hi All, 

We've been staying busy at the office with new tutorial videos, demo content and improved support solutions to make sure everyone is enjoying their new jamstiks. 

We'd like everyone to be aware of the product registration page. Doing so gives you access to a monthly newsletter with important news, updates, and product info; as well as exclusive deals and customer feedback opportunities.

If you haven't checked out the GarageBand or Ableton Live Videos we posted last week, you can do so here. Just scroll down to the, "tutorial videos" gallery.  We're in the process of creating a lot of new content to show off the cool things you can do with your guitar.  If you have suggestions of Apps you'd like to see demoed or specific features you want explained, let us know in our Apps/Software section of the knowledge base.

Also of note is a forthcoming firmware update and update to the jamStik Connect iOS app. We have some exciting new playability features on the way and can't wait to share them with you.  Planned release will be late October/early November.  We keep a watchful eye on the Feature Requests section of the knowledge base, and it's a great way to let us know about ideas you have or features you'd like to see implemented via updates.

Thanks for checking in! 

Jamstik Team
Jamstik Team


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