Product Registration & Getting Started with Your New Jamstik

Product Registration & Getting Started with Your New Jamstik

November 29, 2018 1 Comment

We've been staying busy at the office with new tutorial videos, demo content and improved support solutions to make sure everyone is enjoying their new Jamstiks! 

We encourage you to register your Jamstik on the web portal via a desktop or laptop computer running Google Chrome—as it will serve as your hub for information, updates & more! We highly recommend signing up as it gives you access to a monthly newsletter with important news, updates, and product info + exclusive deals, giveaways, and customer feedback opportunities.


Getting Started: 

When you sign up on the Play Portal, you'll be prompted through the 'Getting Started' page with initial setup instructions on how to get connected and start playing the Jamstik based on your platform.

Here are a few other important items to note:

  1. Ensure your strings are at proper tension upon receipt! If your Jamstik has been outside in the COLD, you may need to tighten the strings.
  2. Make sure to update your firmware upon power up! 
  3. Check to be sure your strings are calibrated correctly. Read up on string calibration & how to adjust picking sensitivity.

Jamstik & Third-Party Compatible Apps

Interested in trying out 3rd party compatible apps? Head over to our Compatible Apps page for some suggestions based on your device platform, or check out third-party app demo and tutorial videos on Youtube. For beginners on iOS or Mac, we're big fans of GarageBand! If you're a web-based user, we'd recommend doing a free trial of Soundtrap.

We LOVE User Feedback

We're in the process of creating a lot of new content to show off the cool things you can do with your new MIDI guitar.  If you have suggestions of apps or software you'd like to see demoed or specific Jamstik feature requests, let us know in our Feedback section of the Play Portal. It's a great way to let us know about ideas you have or features you'd like to see implemented via firmware updates.

Give Feedback

If you need us, we're available on Live Chat on, or you can submit a ticket to

Submit Jamstik Support Request

Thanks for checking in! 

The Jamstik Team

1 Response

Rolfe james
Rolfe james

September 25, 2019

Well it’s the first time I have seen the jams tiki and hoping that I can learn more about it and with it also.

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