GuitarZero2Hero | jamstik+ Demo, Unboxing & Review

by Jamstik Team August 08, 2016

Dave from GuitarZero2Hero is passionate about helping others reach their potential on the guitar through step-by-step annotated guitar lessons.

Check out his review and demo video to see how the jamstik+ can benefit beginners, advanced players, transcribers and songwriters alike!

(Video at 5:37)
The jamstik+ comes with a suite of free apps that teach anybody how to play the guitar from scratch with jamTutor lessons and arcade challenges!

jamstik+ arcade mode, GuitarZero2Hero

(Video at 7:13)
Dave runs the jamstik+ smart guitar through Apple Logic Pro X and shows you how easy it is to use the jamstik as a portable guitar midi controller. Watch him rebuild the tune "Kids" by MGMT using only the jamstik+. 

jamstik+ Apple Logic Pro X

The jamstik+ is awesome for the more experienced players who want to practice their chops on the go. The jamstik+ is fitted with wound steel strings that feel like a real guitar. More advanced players may choose to add a guitar VST, like Ample Sound, and amp it up with realistic guitar sounds using software such as Amplitube

jamstik+ Ample Sounds & Amplitube

(Video at 11:00)
Dave demonstrates how to quickly transcribe tabs using the jamstik+ guitar midi controller and Guitar Pro. It will save so much time.

Guitar Pro 6, jamstik+, GuitarZero2Hero, guitar transcribing, composing

(Video at 13:10)
At the end, shows you how the jamstik+ sounds on it's own as a accompanying instrument for singers or for just noodling around of guitar riffs. Check out his renditions of Hallelujah and Metallica! 

GuitarZero2Hero, Channel Subscribe, jamstik+

Want to see more from Dave? Check out GuitarZero2Hero's YoutubeFacebook and Instagram channels!


Jamstik Team
Jamstik Team


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