Road Rants #1 - Alright, Who Gave That Guy Admin Access??

“Life is too short to worry about things that shorten it.” - Butch Walker 

I’ve been loosely mixed up with the creators of The jamstik for perhaps three years, and very closely working with them for a year and some change. Through what I can only assume has been some sort of tragic clerical error, I was recently given moderator privileges across our social media and blogging platforms. Hmm...

Lucky for the rest of the fine folks at Zivix, I at least had the sensibility to put this introductory message together before really going off the rails. I imagine that the thousands of people who have been reading/viewing our online content for years would see this crap and assume that someone was accidentally posting things PUBLICLY that were meant to be PERSONAL. Nope - a guy with some music industry experience and a lot of stuff in his his brain is writing this on the jamstik page totally on purpose, and he’s gonna continue to do so - frequently. 

You can expect pieces with such titles as...
  • Should You Really Have Said That Into The Microphone? 
  • Subway, Culver’s Or Nothing At All
  • Resisting The Urge To Yell "Free Bird."
  • Band Psychology And Other Things That Make Me Want To Eat My Own Brain
  • Here Is An Actual jamstik-Related Story Weird I Know Right
…and other various rants about the road. “Road Rants,” if you will.

Some things to keep in mind - I am fully aware that I don’t have all the answers and a lot of what I say is just my opinion, but I’ve done okay for myself as a musician - which is pretty freaking hard to do - and I like to write. I am learning all the time, and I love it. I like bouncing stuff off other people and seeing what I get back. It truly is never my intention to offend, though surely it is inevitable. I think I’m pretty reasonable…most of the time. Right up to the point when I get a little too fired up, take my pants off and trying to get on the news somehow.

I look forward to interacting with all of you, and I really hope you enjoy my “Road Rants.” If not, feel free to write mean stuff about me in the comments or whatever. I think that’s how “blogs" work.

Uh oh, the boss is coming... 

more later,

Chris Mochinski
Chris Mochinski