Guitar lessons anywhere, anytime!

Both of my girls love playing the jamstik! Guitar lessons anywhere, anytime are a huge success for our family. I love how it fits perfectly into our schedule. My girls can move forward with their lessons whether we're hanging out at home, on the road, or waiting at our many sports practices. Just connect the headphones and jamstik to iPad or iPhone, and we’re good to go. Arcade mode inside of the JamTutor app is a big hit and is a really fun way to learn how to play the guitar.

From a parent's and home educator's point of view, time is short and it is incredibly difficult to fit everything in for every member of the family. jamstik provides families with guitar lessons on the go, no matter where you are. My youngest even practices with the JamTutor app at the Karate Dojo while her older sister does her Karate lessons.

Thank you jamstik team for making my kid's musical education portable and affordable! 

Jody Karr – Homeschool Educator & Parent

JamTutor Music Education App

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