Guest author Troy Strand, Music Instructor at MacPhail Center For Music

An awesome post from Guest author Troy Strand, Music instructor at MacPhail Center For Music in Minneapolis, MN. Troy shares his experience taking the jamstik into his classroom and reveals how every one of his beginning guitar students was able to play their first chord!   We love his use of a projector connected to his iPad to display JamTutor on the whiteboard!

"Holy cow, this thing is awesome! I used it today in my 8th grade classes and the kids loved it. I passed the jamstik around to each student, they saw where to place their fingers and they all made a sound on it. It was awesome to foster than independence in each of them. The jamstik is beyond awesome in my classroom." 

Learn to play guitar for beginners with Jamstik & music instructor Troy Strand

"I’ve been using the Jamstik in my classroom to assess students this week. It’s great because it allows me to test students silently without them feeling like everyone in class is listening to them! I hand them the Jamstik while keeping the iPad in front of me, ask them to finger a number of chords, and ask them to strum a pattern. I can watch their fingers move to the correct location and hear their strums through a headphone while keeping an eye on other students who are practicing noisily. We take breaks to play the Guitar Hero-like games available."

Guest Author
Guest Author