Thoughts on Mark Ronson's TED Talk "How Sampling Transformed Music"

Sampling isn't about "hijacking nostalgia wholesale," says Mark Ronson. It's about inserting yourself into the narrative of a song while also pushing that story forward.


Sometimes I liken my work with the jamstik as a time traveler. I’m standing sometime in the future trying to broadcast to the people in the past “hey, the future is now. You don’t have to play by old rules anymore.” When you think about it, that makes no sense at all. I’m not in the future, and I can’t broadcast into the past like some Doctor Who episode gone amuck. We’re all here and this is now.
I’ve always believed technology was/is a great equalizer for people on the “outside” of any stayed paradigm. In terms of the jamstik, users can use a tool they already possess (the iPhone, iPad or Mac) and learn, create or just play music with real expression from a guitar experience. No keyboards required. Portable and convenient as heck. Get it done.
However, “rock-ists” (rock racists that are purists about their genre and everything that surrounds it as Mark Ronson so eloquently states in this TED Talk) can’t wrap their heads around what the jamstik gives you access to. “Too few frets” or “different form factor” or “no acoustic sound” trips some people up. I get it. But like Mark Ronson says here, the narrative isn’t about hijacking the guitar into your iPhone - it’s about inserting a guitar shaped key into the iPhone paradigm and injecting your take into that space. 
Enough from me. Get your own take on it.
Chris Heille
Music Product Specialist

Chris Heille
Chris Heille