Guest Author Anthony Di Masso from "Little Kids Rock" on the Jamstik

My name is Anthony Di Masso. I have been a music teacher with the New York State Department of Education for 13 years. Large class sizes with limited materials has always been an obstacle when it comes to delivering substantial lessons to my students. I am always searching for different materials that allow my students to access the various aspects of music in a way that excites as well as challenges them. The Jamstik has proven to be just that for my classroom.

Learn guitar with musical instruction applications

With the use of the Jamstik and an iPad, my students can work on guitar skills at their own pace in an engaging and relevant way. In a short amount of class time, I have seen students progress extremely fast and accurately on their guitar skills. From beginners learning basic chord patterns, picking techniques and how to read chord charts to more advanced players experimenting with new scales as well as voicing augmented, 7th, and diminished chords.

The Jamstik and the iPad apps have also bridged a communication barrier allowing me to get non-english speaking students learning quickly and effectively alongside the rest of the class. In addition to that, the Jamstik opened the door for my guitar players to access the sounds of Logic Pro X and Garageband’s synthesizer selection recording MIDI with them into their projects. The Jamstik is a valuable tool for any music classroom. 

Music education with Jamstik+

Jarod Hadaway
Jarod Hadaway