The Jamstik at Digital Media Academy, Minneapolis

Music Production at Digital Media Academy

One of our product specialists, Jarod Hadaway, has been a music production teacher at a local music tech school for the past few years. He had a chance to bring the Jamstik into class on a few occasions and document the experience showing the kids the portable MIDI guitar. Right away, the students were captivated by the connectivity to the iPad and other mobile devices. Learning to play guitar can be frustrating without the proper instruction and feedback, and as soon as the guitar gets out of tune or doesn't sound right, it's easy to give up on your aspirations. The fact that they could see their finger positions in real time on screen made it a really intuitive experience and instilled confidence even in the limited class sessions.  

A student learning a "C" chord with the jamTutor app

The true beauty of the jamstik in education is that, bundled with the jamTutor App, it's like a guitar with a built-in teacher. A kid with these tools at their disposal can go from interested in guitar to comfortable playing in just a few short sessions getting to know the device and software. We won't bore you with the idea of how much money you'll save on lessons, but you'll save that guitar teacher you eventually do have the tedious experience of re-teaching you the basics over and over.

A student enjoying jamTutor

Learning guitar isn't just about learning or following a certain curriculum. It's about playing and having fun with the instrument, getting used to the feel, and enjoying the sounds. The students especially loved the connectivity to GarageBand where they could experiment with different guitar sounds. From electric guitar with an overdrive boost to classic acoustic guitar - a new sound was just a touch away. When they do go to buy their first "real-guitar," they'll know exactly what they're looking for. 

Matthew Cannon
Matthew Cannon